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Healing after a Loss

What you can do

There are things that you can do to help yourself at this challenging time:

  • Talk about your sorrow with someone supportive.

  • Honour your feelings - cry if you are sad and laugh if you're happy - write or draw what you are feeling

  • Honour your memories-set up new rituals, light a candle, create a memory scrapbook

  • Be with supportive family and friends

  • Get information about grief-it can help you understand your responses and your journey

  • Eat well, exercise and try to get some rest

  • Indulge yourself-read a book, have a bath, listen to music

  • Start a new activity

  • Escape for awhile-rest or vacation

  • Try to find humour

  • Re-examine beliefs and values

  • Search for the meaning in your life

  • Consider joining a support group


There is no quick fix for grief.  It is not an easy journey and there may be times when you want more support than is available through your social network.

Cranbrook Kimberley Hospice Society has an extensive library of more reading material and books available to borrow on the following subjects:

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Palliative Care

  • Cancer

There are Inspirational and Controversial titles, Poetry and Humor subjects.

There are videos on a variety of subjects.

Please contact our office to arrange access to borrow these resources.



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